Sunday, January 6, 2013

Guayacan bottle opener

This Guayacan bottle opener has a pewter head. As I was turning this piece it was reminding me of both 1950s modern design - and a mushroom. As I am no design student and have no real idea if this truly is 1950's modern, I will stick with it being a tall mushroom.  I did this in an attempt to capture and keep the darker grain.  It also has a couple of small knots that I was able to preserve.  The overall length of this opener is 6-1/2 inches with about 4 inches of it being the wood.  It has a flat bottom so I will stand up straight on your counter or bar.

This piece is $30.  If interested, please use the contact information found in the about me or contact section of the blog.

Guayacan is also known as Genuine Lignum Vitae. Heartwood color can range from a pale yellowish olive, to a deeper forest green or dark brown to almost black. Grain has a unique feathered pattern when viewed up close. The color tends to darken with age, especially upon exposure to light. Color of genuine Lignum Vitae tends to be darker than that of Argentine Lignum Vitae.  It is found in Central America and the northern countries of South America.

 When turned, it makes my shop smell like citronella oil.

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