Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bottle Openers with Cork Screws

These are some new kits that I found.  They were very cool in the catalog. So cool that they were out of stock and it took almost a month to get them.  But they were worth the wait.  It is a unique piece of barware to have both a corkscrew and bottle opener in one tool.  And then add on to the coolness factor the unique grains of the wood and you just say wow.  The unit on the top is made from Lignum Vitae while the one on the bottom is made from a Spalted Tiger Maple.  Without a doubt my favorite is the Spalted Tiger Maple.  Between the iridescent look of the tiger stripes and the spalting, the piece just looks phenomenal.  

I also tried a new finishing technique - new to me at least. Both are finished with CA glue for the ultimate in shine and longevity. I have been using a three stage buffing wheel on my products for the last few years and have been very happy with the finish that the Carnuba wax provided. But these pieces really shine. It took longer to finish these, but I think that it well worth the extra time investment.

The Lignum Vitae piece is $35 while the Spalted Tiger Maple is $40.

Lignum Vitae (top) and Spalted Tiger Maple (bottom). Pieces are disassembled to show corkscrew.

Lignum Vitae (top) and Spalted Tiger Maple (bottom). Pieces are assembled to show corkscrew inside bottle opener
Back side of Spalted Tiger Maple piece

Spalted Tiger Maple with corkscrew disassembled from bottle opener.
Top side of Spalted Tiger Maple

Lignum Vitae with Corkscrew separated from bottle opener
Lignum Vitae

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