Sunday, January 20, 2013

Continental Rollerball Pens

I have found a new pen style to work with. These are Continental styled capped pens with rollerball refills. These are a much heavier pen than I normally make. The feel solid in the hand and with the metal tips, they are comfortable to hold. The rollerball refills that come with these pens are German made Schmidt branded ceramic rollers. The refills are available at most office supply stores and of course the world wide interwebs...

This one is the angle Cut Cocobolo. The blanks were cut at an angle to pronounce the grain of  the wood and allow the grain to cut cross over the pen.
Angle cut Cocobolo pen with cap off

Front side of angle cut Cocobolo pen
Back side of angle cut Cocobolo pen

This pen is made from Zebrawood. I was able to save many of the contrasting striations in this pen.

Zebrawood with cap off
Frontside Zebrawood

Backside Zebrawood
This pen is made from Honduran Rosewood. As expected from Rosewood, the grain is a beautiful piece of art by itself.

Rosewood pen with cap off

Front of Rosewood pen

Backside of Rosewood pen

Cocobolo is a tropical hardwood from Central America which is typically orange or reddish-brown in color, often with a figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood.  Standing up well to repeated handling and exposure to water, a common use is in gun grips and knife handles. It is very hard, fine textured and dense. This chrome bottle stopper has silicon o-rings. It will fit on wine bottles and most standard liquor bottles.

Zebrawood’s heartwood is a light brown or cream color with dark blackish brown streaks vaguely resembling a zebra’s stripes. Depending on whether the wood is flatsawn or quartersawn, the stripes can be either chaotic and wavy or somewhat uniform. It comes from West Africa.

Honduras rosewood (dalbergia stevensonii) is from Central America with a deep brownish-purple color with moderately straight grain .

Each of these pens are $60. If interested, please use the contact information found in the about me or contact section of the blog.

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