Sunday, January 20, 2013

Olivewood Bottle Opener

This was a smaller piece of of Olivewood to start with. It's finished length is only 5-3/4 inches long with just under 3-3/4 inches of Olivewood. It fits quite comfortably in my hand while the grooves give you a feeling of grip.  It was inspired by my ice cream scoop.

This piece is $30.  If interested, please use the contact information found in the about me or contact section of the blog.

Olivewood is an exotic wood that is native to Africa and has a sentimental and religious significance to several cultures and religions. The wood is hard and strong. What makes this hardwood so unique is the extraordinary grain pattern of each individual piece. It even becomes darker, richer, and more beautiful in color as it ages! It has long been a favorite for religious, historical, and artistic artifacts. It is very hard, fine textured and dense. 

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