Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kingwood Bottle Openers

The blank for this piece had a section of white sapwood running on the outside. I did my best to try and keep as much of that contrasting section in the piece while still making a bottle opener that would be comfortable in your hand.  It has a similar shape to the Guayacan bottle opener I made a couple of weeks ago. I have become quite fond of this shape as a way of highlighting the grain of the wood.  Also, with a flat bottom, this opener is able to stand up straight. The overall length is about 6-1/2 inches with 4-1/2 inches coming from the Kingwood.

This piece is $30.  If interested, please use the contact information found in the about me or contact section of the blog.

Kingwood is a Brazillian member of the Rosewood family where the Sapwood is off-white and heartwood is a rich violet brown background shading to almost black. Streaks of black, violet black, and brown appear throughout the material.

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