Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bedrock 605 Post Cleaning & Tuning

I just finished cleaning the Bedrock 605 that I bought last week.

Let me start with this. Evaporust Rocks

This is after soaking one half of the plane in the evapo-rust for about an hour. The plane had newspaper rusted to the sole. It was ugly.

What I can't convey in a blog entry is the feel. Touching the still rusty part and moving to the side cleaned with the evapo-rust only was amazing. It felt like it had already been flattened with 1000 grit paper.

Here is the entire sole cleaned up and flattened. Honestly and amazing as it is, after the rust was removed the sole was very flat. It didn't take much to flatten it.

Even the shoulders cleaned up nicely. There are still some pits on the plane - but I was not about to sand down the shoulders and sole to completely remove them.

These by far are some of the best shavings that I have ever gotten with a plane. The plane really cleaned up nice.

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