Saturday, September 27, 2008

The #7 Bailey and a Picnic Table

I had to build a picnic table for a customer. A couple of things have happened.

#1 I blew up my miter saw last weekend, so the job became instantly more difficult.

#2 I still don't have a thickness planer.

I used the circular saw for the cross cuts and my #7 Bailey for leveling out the boards on the top of the table.

The #7 was properly tuned and very sharp. I needed every bit of sharpness.

Hand planing a 6 1/2 foot picnic table is/was quite a workout.

So a shower and 4 Advil later, I am done in the shop for the day.


Woodmeister said...

Looks great! Bet that was quite a workout.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

I know there are people who just love handplanes. But my experience with them is the same as yours. Oh! it was sharp! maybe not as obsesivly tuned as other folks who are crazy. I'll take a mechanized planer or joiner anyday. Table looks good.