Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catching up on publishing to the blog

I have had a lot of fun the last 6 weeks or so making new things.  My brother-in-law is letting me "store" his drum sander and jointer in my shop which is allowing me to do more than I was before including some really neat end grain cutting boards and making my own laminated stock for turning. Plus I get to make more sawdust which is always a blast.

Cutting boards -

All of these are 'end-grain' which means that they will take the abuse of cutting your veggies without dulling your knives like the plastic or face grain wood boards do.  They are all finished with an FDA approved mineral oil beeswax finish.

This first one is Cherry and Walnut. My daughter wanted a checkered pattern so this is what we did.  It measures about 18" x 24" - $100

These next two are made from Cherry, Walnut, Maple and Purpleheart. We were just having fun putting the designs together. It measures about 18" x 24" - $120/ea

This one is in my kitchen now. I really enjoy using it.  It is Maple and Walnut. It measures about 18" x 24" -

These are smaller 'cheese' cutting boards as my co-workers call them.  This first one is made from Cherry, Walnut and Maple, about 12x10 and is $50
 This one is also made from Cherry, Walnut and Maple, but about 12x12 and is $55
These two are Cherry, Walnut and Purpleheart and are about 12x12. They are $60/ea.


I bought a lathe extension earlier this year when I found one on sale. It really makes a difference for making Peppermills. Drilling out the core is no longer the nightmare that it was. In fact, over the last two weekends I have finished 5 peppermills.  Unless otherwise noted, they are $100 each

Asian Satinwood 10" Peppermill

Bloodwood 10" Peppermill

Grandillo 10" Peppermill $120

Grandillo  10" Peppermill (Opposite Side) $120

Spalted Maple  10" Peppermill- Not for Sale
This was commissioned by a co-worker. The tree had sentimental value as it was planted at her parent's house  when she born but had to be cut down last fall because of the rot (the cool spalting in the peppermill)

Panga Panga  10" Peppermill
Panga Panga is just fun to say...

Panga Panga  10" Peppermill (opposite side)

Rengas Tiger 10" Peppermill
Also called Borneo Rosewood although not technically from the rosewood family. It sure did smell like roses when I turned it.

Claro Walnut 10" Peppermill - $90
Coffee Scoops

Lets be honest - I need my coffee. These just make my morning brew a bit more special.  $25/ea.


Spalted Maple


Bottle Opener
Laminated pieces of Maple, Walnut, Cherry & Purpleheart and 8" long - $25

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